0 thoughts on “Alexis Love Just Stunning In A Red String Bikini!”

  1. Dean Isaacson says:

    Good evening

    As we don’t know one another, please find my humble introduction
    My name is Dean R. Isaacson, my mother called me Bobby
    Please find my request for a dinner date, in LA or The Bay Area
    As our mutual time is very valuable , please accept a 2,500. Cash fee should you wish to meet.

    No more , dinner.
    Who knows, if there is a spark , the sky is the limit
    In LA I rarely have an interest to meet anyone

    I am in no rush, only at your desired convenience

    By the way
    Red,! My favorite color

    Thank you
    Have a GN


  2. Dean Isaacson says:


    Great swim suit

    The girl makes the suit

    The suit doesn’t make the girl


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